Have Other Cities Successfully Passed Plastic Bag Legislation?

Yes!  This is very much a national movement towards sustainability.


  • In California, San Diego recently became the 150th individual municipality to have adopted plastic bag legislation.  (2)
  • Additionally, cities in states such as Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Maryland have enacted bag laws.  
  • The country’s largest city, New York City, passed a bag ordinance on May 5th, 2016.
  • In total, 140 local jurisdictions, as well as 37 countries and cities outside of the US, have successfully passed bag legislation.  (2)
  • In China, where a law banning plastic bags went into effect starting in 2008, plastic bag use reduced by 66% in just one year.  (2)
  • In Ireland, where a fee equivalent to approximately 15 U.S. cents was applied to every single plastic bag provided checkout, there was a 94% reduction of plastic bag consumption.  (3)

Are plastic bag fees effective?